Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Winter is for Writers!

     Earlier today, I wished my Pandamoon readers a Happy New Year, and I wanted to do the same for my own followers here on Whatever Inspires. Below is a post from The Pandamoon Publishing blog.

     I always love the months of January through March, because, although they can be rather gloomy in my home city of Pittsburgh, they are quiet and slow. After the rush and push of the holiday season, I welcome the calm of these months. They allow me time to reflect and write, and I’ve found that I am most prolific in the bleak mid-winter. In fact, I wrote three out of four of my books during these months.
     Summer is a wash for me, because of sunshine and swimming pools, and shrieking children. Spring is musical theatre performance time and Easter. Fall is back to school and holidays. I still write every single day during these seasons, but I find that the pace of life in winter allows my mind to wander further into a story than I can at other times during the year.  I’m up early, curled into the words of a new world, and late at night, when the rest of my house is sawing logs, I’m sitting at my kitchen table, wide-eyed at the wonder of whatever tale my fingers are click-clacking onto the page.
     I am looking forward to jumping into my next adventure, and I invite you to tell me about what you’re writing. Post a comment and fill me in on whatever is inspiring you to create. Tell me your setting or your protag’s biggest challenge in your current project. Are you experiencing writer’s block? I have been there too, and I know it’s so frustrating! I would love to hear where you are on your writing journey.
     For all of you writers out there – I wish you a fruitful and successful  2016. Write stories that move you, and you will move others!


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